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Odor Removal

          We all know it’s embarrassing when your home, vehicle, apartment, RV, and hotel have odor issues. After all, our sense of smell is how we identify things. Memories, emotions, danger, our sense of smell is part of our daily lives. That is why our job is so important! Smoke odor, pet odor, body odor, we deal with it all! There’s no job too small for U Got Stink. Our trained technicians know how to properly service all your odor needs. U Got Stink’s services are safe, and extremely effective, providing the solution to all your odor problems.


        What separates U Got Stink from our competitors is that we have a proprietary process that we protect against unauthorized duplication. We use a four stage process with specific self breeding enzymes. Once applied our enzymes create a breeding process that removes whatever objection may be present. After a few hours the area will be rid of all objections caused by the odors within.

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